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Do you want to be part of this community of people researching, writing, or teaching the history of oceanography and related fields?  Please consider signing up as a member! There is no fee to join the International Commission of the History of Oceanography.

One thought on “Our Community

  1. It is good to see this site appear. Since I left the US Naval Historical Center in 2006 I have been out of the history of oceanography loop building a history program at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency as chief historian. With my program up and running I have begun getting back into this field. At the office we focus on the various tradecrafts that NGA uses in the normal course of our work for DoD and the Intel Community. These include cartography and imagery technology of various sorts. For example, the digital nautical charts used on most modern vessels are NGA products. On my own time and with the concurrence of the WHOI leadership I have embarked on a history of that institution. I am still a guest investigator with the WHOI Marine Policy Center. I hope to provide more information in the future and communicate more regularly with all of you.

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