Syllabi & Reading Lists

ICHO is working to contribute to UNESCO’s ocean literacy goals by raising awareness of historical changes and cultural differences surrounding the ways in which people have known and used the ocean. We want to support work that humanizes the sea and/or actively fosters ocean literacy. The sample syllabi and thematic reading lists shared here are part of that project and available for inspiration to others who share the same goals.

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Science Across the Seas: Ships, Islands, and Knowledge
D. Graham Burnett, Princeton University

Histories of the Global Marine Environment
Anthony Medrano, Yale University

History of the Ocean
Helen Rozwadowski, University of Connecticut

Ocean and Society
Sam Muka, Stevens Institute of Technology

Visualizing Nature
Sam Muka, Stevens Institute of Technology

Pacific Ocean Worlds
Joshua Savala, Rollins College

The Seas Around Us
Jack Bouchard, Rutgers University

Global Environmental History of the Ocean

Emily Hutcheson, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Topics in Legal Practice: Maritime Legal History

Lincoln Paine, University of Maine School of Law

Reading Lists

Vast Expanses Bibliography
Compiled by: Dr. Helen Rozwadowski

Ocean Studies
Compiled by: Dr. Daniella McCahey

World of the Ship (A Twitter Thread)
Crowdsourced through: Dr. Jesse Cromwell

Additional Resources

Teaching the Globe
How do environmental humanities scholars teach global stories without losing sight of the particularities of life? This was the question of a graduate seminar on Space, Nature & History taught by Elizabeth Hennessy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Fall 2015. Students’ answers are offered here in the form of essays, book reviews, sample syllabi, and active-learning lesson plans to help teach global-scale classes through the lens of particular stories—from the history of cotton to computing networks.

ICHO Zotero Library
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Literature and the Wadden Sea

A resource for creating a Wadden Sea literature syllabus.

This list is in progress. Check back for updates!