ICHO Zotero Fest, 2022


Since 2020 members and friends of ICHO have crowdsourced more than a thousand journal articles, books, chapters, and more that address the history of ocean science in our collaborative ICHO’s Zotero group library.

The first Zotero Fest, held from January 6 to 10, 2022, was devoted to organizing, polishing, and adding new entries to the library. In one week we added almost 300 new entries, organized tags, and arranged incomplete entries. Now, our library hosts more than 1.254 references, tagged and organized to facilitate our research. Many thanks to all the contributors for your time and engagement with ICHO’s efforts to provide resources to our community and beyond!

During the week, participant who contributed the most obtained a small prize. Congratulations to our first award-winner, Dr. Christine Keiner!

Wanting to contribute to the ICHO Zotero Library?

We welcome contributions to the Zotero library for adding references, tagging, or doing quality control work. If you are new to Zotero, you can watch here the opening meeting of the Zotero Fest 2022, where we presented a brief introduction to using Zotero.

In this shared folder you can find more information on our collaborative work-in-progress to make Zotero an even more valuable and helpful tool for research.

And for any doubt or questions, please do not hesitate in asking us!

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