Book Review: “Global Marine Science and Carlsberg”

By Vera Schwach Bo Poulsen, Global Marine Science and Carlsberg. The Golden Connections of Johannes Schmidt (1877–1933), (Brill) Leiden/Boston, 2016, 524 pages, (illustrated, references and with an index). By a historical coincidence, the celebrated brewery, Carlsberg, helped promote marine science during the period from around 1900 to 1930. The key actor in cajoling support from… Read More Book Review: “Global Marine Science and Carlsberg”

The Origin of Oceans

Alfred Wegener’s theory of “continental drift” directs attention to the origin of the continents, and in Wegener’s first publication on the topic this emphasis was reflected in the title: Die Entstehung der Kontinente (1912). By 1915, Wegener’s thinking had already evolved to an understanding that the “origin of continents,” was also, of necessity, the “origin… Read More The Origin of Oceans

Emperor Hirohito: The Marine Biologist Who Ruled Japan

Exactly seventy years ago today Japan surrendered to the United States, bringing an end to World War II and signaling the start of the American occupation. Under the direction of the Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers, General Douglas MacArthur, and his protégé General Bonner Fellers, the U.S. military began the process of Japanese war-crimes prosecutions.… Read More Emperor Hirohito: The Marine Biologist Who Ruled Japan

#PlatformsMatter: Design and the Marine Environment

One of the hashtags often used by the U.S. Navy in their various social media feeds is #PlatformsMatter. The term now frequently pops into my head while I’m doing research – a 21st century mantra for the marine historian. The importance of engineering and design for marine work is something I’ve thought about with respect to… Read More #PlatformsMatter: Design and the Marine Environment

Fisheries Politics Masked as Science

Is Maximum Sustainable Yield a tool of science or of diplomacy? For the world’s fish populations, the concept has stood for years as a working blend of economic goals and conservation principles. The word “sustainable” lends it a particular respectability in our environmental age. It purports to answer the burning question about how many fish… Read More Fisheries Politics Masked as Science